• 250ml    Million Dollar Relish

6 Responses to “Pickles”

  1. I had never heard of “Million Dollar Relish” before I saw it on one of “Pat’s Preserves” tables at a market. I ate half the bottle after opening!
    Next time, I’ll buy a bigger bottle!!
    I had tried the “Hot Pepper Jelly” Oh my dear, that bottle didn’t last long
    either. And I didn’t just use it on crackers, it’s great on toast!
    If you give a bottle as a gift, as I have, the receiver always want to know
    where they can buy his product themselves.
    Keep the spoon stirring Pat!
    Love your products!
    Jo Conrad

  2. You make awesome beets!!!
    We are going to try a few other things, I’m sure are way to awesome as well. I’m hoping the location I stop at was just out of the mustard pickles, from looking at this blog, they may not carry it at all if not, I’ll have to make a special trip which is 1.5hours for us but I think it would still be so worth it.
    Bridgewater, NS

  3. Hi,

    Do you make just the one size 500ml of your pickled products? It’s me again, Tammy, we tried to get to you today but I went to the wrong hospital.


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