Marinades, Sauces and Rubs

Premium Rib Sauce

Premium Rib Sauce

During Pat’s years in the service, his co-workers would often encourage him to bottle and sell his rib sauce recipe. If you try Pat’s Preserves Rib Sauce, you will understand why.

There isn’t an easier way to make pork ribs (that fall off the bone). Simply pour a bottle of Pat’s Preserves Rib Sauce over pork ribs and bake. You might want to buy 2 bottles, because your family will definitely be asking you to make it again!

For best results with ribs, cook them slowly in the oven at low temperature, between 250 and 275 for a few hours then either finish them in the oven oo on the BBQ, start brusing the sauce on them constantly until they are ready to serve and brush them one more time before serving.


  • 375 ml    Premium Marinade          
  • 375 ml    Premium Rib Sauce                           
  • 250 ml    Cranberry Sauce


All of Pat’s Rubs are available in the 100 gr size:

  • Curry Rub
  • Cajun Rub
  • Steak Rub

5 Comments to “Marinades, Sauces and Rubs”

  1. Premium Cajun Marinade is amazing!!! It is so full of flavor that it adds just that extra special touch to any of the dishes I cook that require a marinade!

  2. Our latest product from Pat’s is his Premium Rib Sauce, BBQ Grilling Rub… we were NOT disappointed!!! Delicious! Now we can add this to our other favs…Sweet & Tangy Pepper Jelly, Sweet Pickled Beets, Green Tomato Chow, Chocolate Applesauce Cake (in a jar!). I HAVE to try the Coconut Fudge next! Thanks Pat!!

  3. Hi I’d love to try some of your rib sauce, just wondering if you can ship some out to Toronto?

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