Jams & Jellies


Pat’s Jams and Jellies are available in the 250ml size as well as the 60ml ( Wedding favors & airplane safe )  and some in the 500ml ( wholesale )


  • Raspberry jalapeno jelly
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
  • Rhubarb Jam
  • Cranberry Sauce (Seasonal)
  • Blueberry Jam 
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Fig and Grand Marnier Jam (Holidays Only)
  • 3 Fruits Marmalade
  • Mint Jelly   (Seasonal)
  • Peach Jam
  • Merlot Jelly ( Holidays Only)

39 Responses to “Jams & Jellies”

  1. Hello Pat:
    A friend purchased your “Sweet and Tangy Pepper Jelly” and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. It was purchased at the Farmer’s Market in Halifax and we hope that you will continue to be a vendor at that site. We are most interested in your jams as well. The Rugy Red Wine Jelly also has caught our attention.

    Great web site

    Wishing you every success
    M. Elliott

    • Hello and thank you for your kind comments. The Ruby red wine jelly can be used the same way as the Sweet & tangy pepper jelly, also very good on Pate and sliced baguette. enjoy and thanks again 🙂

  2. Hi Pat,

    My wife bought a bottle of jam at the QEII market, she was the one who
    didn’t want chunks of blueberries. I just tasted your jam and it perhaps
    the best blueberry jam I have ever tasted. We will be buying more and
    bigger bottles, can’t wait to taste the strawberry/rhubarb jam.

    Tim & Fran L.

  3. Hey Pat,

    Yet again I have to write and say how amazing your jams are! We tried
    the chocolate applesauce cake, unbelievable. We cut off a chunk and put
    some vanilla ice cream with creme de menthe. Right Some Good.

  4. Hey Pat, I bought a jar of the hot pepper jelly today from you at the hospital market and it is YUM, YUM, Yummy!!!!! thanks for a great treat!


  5. I have bought a bottle of your Blueberry jam for my husband, and he loves it! He said that with your jam, your not eating a mouth full of sugar like with most homemade jams.
    And just to let folk know, I didn’t buy the sugar free blueberry jam. So that’s saying alot. I’ll will be buying another bottle this week as my husband just put his order in. lol


  6. We bought your sweet and tangy jelly today at the Farmers Market in Halifax and had it with Roast Lamb, and it was so delicious that I was compelled to email you!
    Thanks Pat!!!!

    Best wishes
    from Alice
    and Rosie and Matthew

  7. Pat, I bought some of your strawberry jam at the farmers market in Halifax, and it is by far the best jam I have ever tasted! Thank you for many marvelous mouthfuls of exquisite berry preserve! AJ

  8. Anna

    We bought your SWEET & TANGY PEPPER JELLY today at the market and just tried it. We will be back next weekend to buy more. It is soooooo delicious

  9. Hi Pat,

    Great website! My wife and I moved to Halifax 4 years ago and discovered your tangy pepper jelly at the market. My fresh turkey sandwiches have never been the same since!! I always keep an extra jar in the cupboard in case of emergencies! We have recently started to enjoy your jams as well.

    My only suggestion is to start cheering for the Canucks not the Habs!

    Thanks again,

    • Hello my Friend the Plumber. “Go Habs Go” sounds so much better though….thanks for your comments 🙂

  10. Pat,

    I bought a bottle of your strawberry jam at the Farmer’s Market this morning and it is delicious. It tastes like summer in my mouth. It is my new jam of choice. It alone would be worth making the trip from Dartmouth to the Market.

  11. I bought a bottle of your Sweet & Tangy Pepper Jelly and I love it . Do you sell your jams from your home ?

  12. Hey Pat,
    Just had to let you know that I think your Sweet & Tangy Pepper Jelly is by far the best thing since slice bread. Love it with crackers and cream cheese. I’m trying not to eat it all up to fast since I live 2 hours away from Halifax. But I will definitely stop by again while visitig in Halifax so I can stock up more of this DELICIOUS jelly. Excited to try more of your jams as well. My taste buds want more, more, more 😀

  13. do you ship any orders to Cape Breton? love your pepper jelly!!!!!!!!

  14. My favourite is you Blueberry Grand Marnier Jam. Please tell me this is still being made!

  15. Am so glad you’re again selling your marvelous jams and jellies at the Halifax Infirmary. Me and my family LOVE your sweet & hot jellies especially. Today I picked up several jars for for Christmas gifts and plan to go back in two weeks to get more…FOR ME! Since Grand Marnier is my “poison of choice”, I’m especially fond of the Bueberry Grand Marnier blend…yummalicious!

  16. Hi ….sent you an email….is it case sensitive?? Could you call me about your jams…..we would like to purchase wholesale for our new store in Tayamagouche…. #902754-0637

  17. Hi what are the prices of your 60 ML jam party favors. I would need 100 to 120 bottles. Please and thank you Barbara C. I will send my husbands email mine is not opening properly

  18. I can’t find your Merlot jelly at the seaport market anymore! Where can I get it?

    • Good day, you can find it at alderney landing at Noggins (7 days a week) or at the VG on Fridays at the Farmers Market, I’m there from 730am to 145pm.
      Thanks 🙂

  19. Did I forget to pick up jam jelly and apples plums and neckorenes please call if this was you 639 470 3710

  20. Un beau bonjour de Sainte-Catherine, Québec,
    Je suis Nathalie, la femme de Sylvain Gagnon. Ce matin, j’avais très hâte de me faire à déjeuner. je me suis fait des rôties au confiture de framboise. Wow, que c’était délicieux!
    Je vraiment beaucoup aimé la texture, le goût est juste assez sucré. Donc j’aimerais savoir où puis-je me procurer vos produits? Chez un commerçant ou seulement en ligne?
    J’attend de vos nouvelles et bonne fin de journée.
    Nathalie & Sylvain xx

  21. Do you still carry the hot red pepper jelly?

  22. Hi Pat
    Are you available to do jam wedding favors for a wedding on August 12. About 3 dozen. I realize it is short notice.

  23. A bottle of your Sweet and Tangy Pepper Jelly somehow magically made its way down to my mother’s fridge in New Jersey, United States and she has no clue how she came across it. Is there any way to purchase this online and have it sent across borders? It is that good!


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