This is it…

Happy Wednesday,

Well, this is it…tomorrow will be my last market, I will be setup at the VG from 730 to about 145. I will closing business for good once the Market is over. Whatever I have left after tomorrow will be going to Noggins at Alderney on Friday. Hope to be able to see a lot of you tomorrow.

I want to thank you all for an awesome 12 years in business, Pat’s Preserves has been a very busy time for me, keeping busy I think is what kept me going all them years, but now it’s time to slow down. As we get older ( no I’m not that old ) you do realise that tomorrow is never promised to anyone and what’s important is to enjoy what we have while we have it.

Over that period I have met so many great people, you know who you are and I am very grateful that our paths crossed. You will not be forgotten and hope to see you all again at one time or another.

I want to thank 2 special woman who without them would not have been possible for me to do what I love which is cooking, my Wife Colleen and Our good friend Amy-Lynn. Love you both

Thank you to all the businesses who have supported me by selling my products and still are today ( until product last ) and in the past. Apologies in advance if I forget 1 or two…

Seaport Farmer’s Market

Norberts Good food

Noggins Corner Farm ( Valley)

Noggins Corner ( Alderney)

Noggins Corner ( Santee center)

Heppy Pies

Charming school pub

The Cove

Murphys the cable wharf

Maryann’s Gift

Boondocks Restaurant

2 Doors down

Chives restaurant

Foxhill cheese house on Robie

FoxHill cheese ( Valley)

Getaway Farm


Local Joe

Thank you all

Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year.






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