November 23rd, 2017

Good day,

5 Markets left folks… going to be a hard month I think..:-(

So with that said, I will be at the VG tomorrow around 8 until about 2, also tomorrow we are setup at the Halifax Infirmary from 730 to 4 for their annual Christmas craft show.

Saturday we are set up at the Cunard junior High also for their annual Christmas Craft Show.

Now, if you intend on picking up a larger than usual order because its Christmas or because I’m closing in a Month, please text me your order at 902-471-6466 or email me it at this will assure I have everything you need & or want. I bring just enough product for my day, so please order ahead and I will have your order ready for you for pick up at the market.

Same for our gift bags, our 4 x 60ML jars are great for Christmas but I only bring so many with me. you can always order in person at the market for pickup the following Friday or closer to Christmas.


Thank you!!




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