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November 29, 2017

November 29th, 2017

Good day,

Pats Preserves is set up right now at Parkland At The Gardens until 3pm. 5732 College street, Halifax

We will be set up tomorrow at Northwood manor for their annual Christmas Craft Show from 10-3 I believe.

I made some Fig & Grand Marnier jam this week, so come and get yours before they are gone as it is the last of them.

If you want a special order for Christmas please email me or text me a week before.

Only 4 markets left at the VG for me…

See you at the market

Pat 🙂

November 23, 2017

November 23rd, 2017

Good day,

5 Markets left folks… going to be a hard month I think..:-(

So with that said, I will be at the VG tomorrow around 8 until about 2, also tomorrow we are setup at the Halifax Infirmary from 730 to 4 for their annual Christmas craft show.

Saturday we are set up at the Cunard junior High also for their annual Christmas Craft Show.

Now, if you intend on picking up a larger than usual order because its Christmas or because I’m closing in a Month, please text me your order at 902-471-6466 or email me it at this will assure I have everything you need & or want. I bring just enough product for my day, so please order ahead and I will have your order ready for you for pick up at the market.

Same for our gift bags, our 4 x 60ML jars are great for Christmas but I only bring so many with me. you can always order in person at the market for pickup the following Friday or closer to Christmas.


Thank you!!



November 16, 2017

November 16th, 2017

Good afternoon,

I will not be at the VG tomorrow folks, I will be at Parkland Baker Drive from 1 til 5 for their Christmas Craft Fair, at 122 Baker drive, all welcome to come 🙂

Next week will be a tad busy…here it goes;

Monday (November 20th): Melville heights from 1-4pm  annual Christmas craft fair

Thursday (November 23rd): QE11 Christmas craft fair at the Halifax Infirmary from 9-4

Friday (November 24th): QE11 Christmas craft fair at the Halifax Infirmary from 9-4  and,

the regular VG Partners For Care Farmers Market from 730-2 ( 5 left )

Saturday (November 25th): Cunard school Christmas craft fair from 9-130

Wednesday (November 29th): Parkland at the Gardens Christmas craft fair from 11-3

Thursday ( November 30th): Northwood Manor Christmas Craft Fair from 10-3

After this, my only markets left will be on Fridays in December, before Christmas ( 4 Left) and lets not forget that the week before Christmas for our last Market, it will be on Thursday December 21st and not Friday as usual ( i’ll be there from 730 til afternoon…) this will be My last market. 😦