May 4th, 2017

Got to Love this date if you’re a Star Wars Fan 🙂 yup…I am

Well tomorrow I will have lots of fudge folks but as the weather gets too warm I may not have much of it so get it now while you can ( it freezes well)

I will be at the VG in my regular spot tomorrow, we have 3 new vendors so we have a total of…14 or 15 vendors now and we’re still inside , that’s pretty good and we will have more outdoors when we go out mid June. So yes Mid June is when we go out at the VG, that’s when the kitchen sets up a BBQ outdoors and has great burgers for anyone interested in purchasing one, they are quite good, Mushroom burgers and Beef burgers.

It is also when we are out Rain or shine until after Thanks Giving in October, for those of you who are used to me…you know I will not be there in the rain and I usually don’t make the call until Thursday night as the weather changes quickly around here. I will either post it on my Facebook or Twitter.

See you tomorrow at the Market folks

Cheers, Pat 🙂


2 Comments to “May 4th, 2017”

  1. Hi just a quick question, when all the berries are out and you are making your jams etc. Do you ever make raspberry or strawberry without the seeds? My sister is visiting in Sept and she cannot have any seeds in her diet, I would love to be able to buy her some jams or jellies without the seeds. By the way I love your products.. Gloria Kempton


    • Hello Gloria, unfortunately I don’t, but I do have many other seedless jams or jellies, Peach, Rhubarb, Wine, Pepper jelly…Hope this helps. Cheers, P.

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