December 7th, 2016…3 left :-)

Good day,

Well folks, only 3 market left to get your goodies for the holidays,

I will be at the VG on Friday and Colleen will be at the Halifax Infirmary from 730 to 145 ( LAST CHANCE AT THE INFIRMARY)

I will have all my products with me on Friday and I will also have the following, Apple Salsa, Honey, Kimchi, Wild Sable Island 2017 Calendars and I have 3 jars of Quince jelly (3 jars only…first come first serve)

I will have Brown sugar fudge this week as well as Peanut butter fudge,

Please note that at the Halifax Infirmary site we can only accept cash and at the VG I can accept cash, debit and credit.

If you plan on picking up a larger than usual order for gifts and such, a heads up by phone or email would be very helpful and that way you would get what you need ;-), or 902-471-6466

Cheers and see you at the Market

Pat 🙂


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