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October 27, 2016

October 27th, 2016

Good day,

I will be at the VG tomorrow from 730-130, I have corn relish with me this week as well as some fudge..not a lot of fudge but some so come early if you want a treat.

It’s never too early to place your Christmas orders, order in advance and it will be ready when you arrive at the market 🙂

I accept Cash, Debit and credit card at the VG on Fridays. Will be posting all my Christmas craft fairs we will be attending this year in the next few weeks.



October 21, 2016

October 20th, 2016

Good evening folks,

Been a little while since my last post, between going away to a wedding and a root canal, everything is now back to normal.

I will be at the VG tomorrow morning, by next Friday I should have all of my products available, only thing missing at this point is the Corn relish ( I will have ready next Friday).

Please note that I am also carrying other people’s products such as Cosman and Whidden’s Honey, Apple Salsa ( both regular and spicy) as well as Kimchi from ( )

It’s not too early to put in your Christmas order, I already received a few ahead and it’s best you do put it in ahead, that way you will have them for sure.

I will have peanut butter fudge as well as Brown sugar tomorrow.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hopefully the weather will not be to bad the next 2 days.

Cheers and see you at market day

Pat 🙂